Monstera Black & alysalysalys – Awkward Attraction

Berlin artists craft haunting record of visceral, avant-garde electronica

Berlin’s avant-garde electronica scene once again shows it’s envious levels of creativity with Monstera Black and alysalysalys’s collaborative EP “Awkward Attraction,” slated for release on April 26th via Voitax Records. Departing from conventional electronica norms, the duo ventures into uncharted sonic territories, blending elements of Techno, hyperpop, and electronica to craft a daring and visceral sonic experience.

The EP unfolds as a mesmerizing journey, with each track pushing the boundaries of experimentation. Beginning with the hypnotic “system,” Monstera Black’s exploration of pop music takes center stage, gradually unraveling into a kaleidoscope of soundscapes with tracks like “eat your soul” and “skin.” Alysalysalys’s experimental instrumentals set a haunting tone, creating an alienating yet captivating atmosphere that mirrors the complexities of attraction.

Lyrically, “Awkward Attraction” delves into themes of existence and vulnerability, with warped vocals and looping hooks adding to the EP’s enigmatic allure. Monstera Black’s intent to capture the discomfort and liberation of attraction shines through, making each track a provocative and introspective journey.

“Awkward Attraction is an EP that tries to capture a glimpse on the stages of attraction. From  searching for deeper connection (‘system’, ‘eat your soul’), to moments of self awareness (‘skin’,  ‘all these thoughts’), transforming into playful admissions in the conclusive track who’s a hoe?. 

The experimental instrumentals of alys sets the tone for a melodic exploration that is sing-songy  and alienating, allowing me to capture my inner motions. Vocals are warped, bantering,  sometimes melody, others spoken word.  

My intent was to capture how uncomfortable and awkward yet liberating feeling an attraction can be,” Monstera Black shared.

You can give the project a spin below: