OFF! gets arrested for “stealing vegetable oil”

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Last we heard from OFF! was lead singer Keith Morris bitching before their set at Mess With Texas about how he “needed a sandwich” and “hadn't eaten all day” because the band were “old guys” and had to load their own equipment. By 5pm (roughly) you'd figure that someone from craft services would have thrown him a tamale. Then again, that tamale would have probably contained 66% Sailor Jerry…

But now it all makes sense, because the band was arrested in Arizona prior to SXSW for “stealing vegetable oil from a restaurant.” April 6th is their trial date. While we're told the band's bus runs on biodiesel fuel, this is probably a bunch of bullshit.

We all know that dreadlocks as dready as Morris' require at least 30 gallons of vegetable oil a day for maintenance–even more would render them more powerful, all the easier to steal musicians from other punk bands to form even MORE supergroups.

We did the right thing by not throwing our cheeseburger at OFF! on Saturday. If you see these guys, DONT FEED THEM. Thank God Arizona's around to enforce all those just laws.