Permanent Collection throw in the towel

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Permanent Collection

After shuffling the lineup and announcing a new record in the works in late summer 2013, Permanent Collection brought the sad feels today with the announcement it's breaking up. The Oakland noise-punk outfit posted a lovely self-eulogy blog entitled “See You On The Other Side”, thanking its fans, friends, former members, Coors, grandparents, weirdos, and people who continue to support independent music for coming along for the ride.

One of our fondest memories from our Imposition Tour to Austin for SxSW last March was meeting up with Permanent Collection in New Orleans, seeing them perform, and drinking tall cans afterwards. Before parting ways that night, a wager was placed: first group to Austin gets a sex slave from the other group. (Ed's note: neither parties think slavery and especially sex slavery is funny enough to make the reality of human trafficking a gentle topic.) We would fork over our documentary videographer Nate Dorr and they'd give us guitarist Brenden Nerfa. It was most likely a very strange day for our Twitter followers, as we traded updates and threatening boasts with PC from the road. It was an amazing race to SxSW with Permanent Collection, one that earned us a speeding ticket in East Texas. Technically, they still owe us Brenden, but we'll let it slide until a new Jason Hendardy project comes along.

Permanent Collection's records are streaming and still available for vinyl purchase at Bandcamp and Log Lady Records.