Soft Vision, “Willy Loman”

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Kelly Winchester and Bradley Barr make up the Austin, TX duo Soft Vision who have just released their Feel It Coming On 7″ for Hi-Definition/Acoustic Division. While the A-side of the single brings the onset of feelings, perceptions, and electronic synth dynamics; the flipside, “Willy Loman”, sharpens the focus on Kelly and Bradley’s duet synergy and working class hero narratives.

On the premiere of “Willy Loman”, Soft Vision utilize a motif wrapped around the central tragic protagonist from Death of a Salesman. Bradley begins the song under a brooding synth banner that spells out a history of the proletariat, “standing from great men, who built it with their hands.” Kelly provides the counterbalance to Bradley’s delivery, sharing beacons of hope and happenstance with keyboards that share the same sentiment. Winchester answers the song’s doubts with life’s vague ambiguities like, “it’s hard to know, what history will show,” to the open ended chance of new horizons—”great men, will they come back again?” Soft Vision break down the boulders and mortars of life for new views and electro edicts, where shared duets leave room for states of grace and limitless possibilities of greatness.

Soft Vision’s Feel It Coming On 7″ is available now from Hi-Definition, a subsidiary of Acoustic Division.