Why the Dodos are still alright with us

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the dodos 2008

Though I don't usually really care about this kind of emo folk indie what, The Dodos will always have a place in my heart. Check this lineup we threw two years ago during SXSW:


The Dodos (8:30pm), The Ohcees (8pm) [sic], The Apes (7:30pm), Panther (7pm), O'Death (6:30pm), Follow That Bird (6pm), Headlights (5:30pm), Ponytail (5pm), Cassettes Won't Listen (4:30pm), Brazos (4pm), Red Rocket (3:30pm), Tacks The Boy Disaster (3pm), Yellow Fever (2:30pm), Daniel Francis Doyle (2pm), Fiasco (1:30pm), {{{Sunset}}} (1pm), Bearsuit (12:30pm), Foot Patrol (noon)

We decided it'd be cool to throw this thing with our bud Ethan on the University of Texas campus with the local KVRX station, but this, as it turned out, was a great way to throw ourselves a private party. (Steve Buscemi came to see his son, that was cool. And last year we learned our lesson and had lines around the block closer to the industry slog fest. Or did we learn our lesson? That's not the point.)

The point: We're on campus, running a bit late, it's about 9pm or even 10pm, and The Dodos are a total 2008 buzz band who could be blowing up at Mohawk as we stood there with a few crickets and buds, and they played an absolutely gorgeous outdoor set, talking calmly between songs without a care in the world. So thanks for that, Dodos.

The Dodos, “Don't Stop”

Their record No Color will be out March 15.