Eloise Viola – Wait In Line

Post Author: Aidan Grant

UK pop songwriter shares an undeniable electronic banger

London songwriter Eloise Viola has spent the last two years releasing some of the U.K.’s most exciting, underground electronic pop. In just under a year, she’s dropped her first EP and a number of music videos, picking up support from Clash Magazine, Popmatters, Popdust, Euphoria Magazine, and plenty more.

She combines her talent with an undeniable hard working attitude. Aside from music, she’s studied psychology and speaks out regularly on body positivity in the music and entertainment industry.

“I have put a lot of work into having a positive body image and working on my mental health surrounding eating/exercise. I wanted to share my journey and help young people – especially women.”

Her new single “Wait In Line” is the perfect example of contemporary U.K. pop sass. It’s a powerful, electronic pop production that brings plenty of pop energy and an infectious lyrical spirit.

“Wait in Line is a fun, dance track about refusing to be second best, saying what you want and not looking to somebody else to decide what happens to you. The video is about breaking out of historically typical ‘female roles’, and not waiting around for a man,” she shares. “Although it is a bit of fun and tongue in cheek, it is about releasing and embracing when you deserve better, and not being afraid to say what you want and how you want to be treated – and I think that is really important. ”

Listen below.

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