CYBER – “I Don’t Wanna Walk This Earth”

Icelandic avant-pop duo drops dystopian prom night horror show

Delving into a mesmerizing blend of hyperpop and electronic vibes, CYBER’s latest single, “I Don’t Wanna Walk This Earth,” catapults listeners into a whirlwind of emotions. 

Jóhanna Rakel and Salka Valsdóttir, the creative forces behind CYBER, seamlessly blend their diverse artistic backgrounds to craft avant-pop soundscapes that captivate audiences worldwide. Drawing from their experiences in the rap collective Daughters of Reykjavík, the duo infuses their music with bold lyricism and experimental production techniques.

Following their previous provocative anthem, “Porn Star,” CYBER solidifies their position as boundary-pushing artists in Iceland’s music scene. Fueled by Y2K pop energy, the track radiates with infectious beats and introspective lyricism, showcasing the duo’s fearless approach to self-expression.

“I Don’t Wanna Walk This Earth” not only exemplifies CYBER’s evolution as musicians but also highlights their potential for international acclaim. With their unique fusion of conceptual electronica and aesthetically pleasing visuals, CYBER continues to push the boundaries of contemporary music, promising a future filled with innovation and creativity.

Give the track a spin below: