Lindsey Thornburg capes and cloaks

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Few styles managed to non-awkwardly make the transition from 2008's “Native Americans are so totally rad and I don't think that's offensive” trend to 2010's “okkvlt Madonna witchcraft goth crucifix” thing, but somehow, Lindsey Thornburg's capes and cloaks seem to have bridged the gap seamlessly.

And while swathing ones' self in a few pounds of silk-lined wool cashmere seems a little bit unappealing in the beating mid-June sun, or underground in the reeking overheated subway, her pieces still sort of have us wishing for snow and a unicorn outside of some creaky medieval castle or witch covens in a rainy pine forest or whatever.

While the line was originally inspired by traditional garb the Brooklyn-based designer encountered on a trip to Peru, plenty of her designs go beyond cultural tourism and hippie blankets, from a houndstooth Jackie-O-chic short cloak jacket to floor-length druid-hood black cashmere capes. For those unable to conjure up the $900 pricetag on the capes, she also makes totes and satchels in the same fabrics and prints, as well as 90s-tastic stretch velvet mini- and maxi-dresses.

Lindsey Thornburg is available at her website and at Barney's, Assembly, and Oak.