Hilfiger goes all Royal Tenenbaums for Spring

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tommy hilfiger ad campaign

You took the portrait of a certain family of geniuses and styled it into a shiny new Tommy Hilfiger campaign. Among the group of wanna-baums, you've hidden a combination Ari/Uzi character sporting a sweatband-as-headband a lá Richie, who appears as his much younger, pre-breakdown self (the aviatored long-haired fellow in front, we're guessing), a tween-aged Margot knockoff pouting and being indifferent in the background, Chas—as uptight as ever—wearing collegiate whites, a matriarchal Ethel in visor and pearls, and Royal himself nursing a gimlet and some seriously tan legs. The only person you seemed to have missed is Pagoda, which is a shame, because his pink trousers would have fit in perfectly.