Right to Know Battle in California

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Transnational biotech corporations sure do hate bureaucratic red tape. You know, those pesky ballot initiatives that would require the labeling of corn that had been spliced with the genes of a human? Or the soybeans that produce their own pesticides?

In fact, they hate them so much that Monsanto decided to throw over $7 million to the “No on 37” effort.

California's Proposition 37 or Right to Know Act is an initiative that, if passed this November, would require the labeling of GMO products in California. It would also prohibit labeling genetically engineered foods as “natural.” It unfortunately does not include meat and dairy products made from animals fed or injected with GMOs.

Opponents like Monsanto—our friends that claimed Agent Orange and DDT were safe 20 years ago—use flawed science to claim that GMOs are safe, when in reality the only long-term testing that has been done has been on the American public without our consent.

Michael Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the United States Food and Drug Administration, backs Monsanto's claims that GMOs are safe. Ohhhhh but wait, he was Monsanto's vice president. The ties between biotech industry and Government don't stop there. Here's a graph courtesy of the Organic Consumers Association.

Opponents also claim the initiative would cause an increase in cost for taxpayers and consumers. In reality, the shitty corn chips at Wal-mart can still use the cheap, modified corn and rancid vegetable oils consumers know and love, they just have to add a little disclaimer on the bag. The law wouldn't require them to use different ingredients, just to be honest with us about those ingredients.

We've been eating in the dark since the '90s and Prop 37 aims to flip the switch. For the health and future of ourselves and our planet.

For more information, visit carighttoknow.org.

The documentary Genetic Roulette is streaming free through September 22.

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