Josh Childress – “Think.”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Emerging singer-songwriter crafts futuristic art-pop magic

Josh Childress is a rising singer-songwriter who crafts futuristic art-pop with a sense of moody, jazzy minimalism. Most notably, he possesses an absolutely heavenly singing voice that pairs perfectly with his ethereal piano chords and swelling synth soundscapes. Today, Impose is excited to premiere his newest track “Think”, a powerhouse baroque-pop ballad with infectious melodies and vivid lyrical imagery. 

Opening on a sparse piano note, Childress’ stunning voice comes blaring through in operatic fashion. A melancholic saxophone then floats in, complemented by simmering synth lines and propulsive drums, giving the track a catchy, anthemic quality. “This song started with me experimenting with a lot of new sounds. I wanted multiple layers with a lot going on but also tried to keep a certain ambiance about it. I want people to hear something new in it each time they listen,” he says. 

The chorus and lyrics are especially potent, as Childress reflects on the toxic personalities in his life, and his efforts to turn over a new leaf: “Do you think about it/ When you see my name?/ Do you think about it/ All the lies and games?”. On the track’s themes, Childress explains, “the lyrics of the song deal with when you have a toxic person in your life, you know they are toxic, but you can’t seem to get away from them.” Overall, “Think.” is a poignant and moving ballad, and a total triumph for Childress that positions him as an incredible talent on the rise. Check out the song’s beautiful music video below.