Kick & Casonka, "Stressed"

Despite growing up in the same circle of friends, musicians Ryan Magnusson (Kick) and Carson Koenig (Casonka) needed to cut their own paths before finding each other again. As fate would have it, the talented pair now operating out of the underrated scene in Raleigh, NC would reconnect in 2012 playing on the same bill with different projects.
Now, Kick & Casonka have formally entered the world and 2018 with their initial sonic statements in singles “Created” and “Stressed.” Impose Magazine is happy to host the exclusive premiere of the latter track today.
With “Stressed,” Kick & Casonka craft a minimal trap trunk-rattler that allows the spaces between to add as much emotional heft as the heavy bass and pitch-shifted vocals. There’s substance above and below the surface as the track ripples from the center.
“Battling something on your own can be a really lonely, disorienting experience,” Kick & Casonka share. “Depression, anxiety, whatever it is—it can put you on an island. We stripped this track down to the bare essentials to try and convey that emotion.”
Stream Kick & Casonka’s “Stressed” below and look for more from the duo here.