AAA, Fruit

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Vancouver’s visual/audio artist Chris von Szombathy is producing some incredible music under the moniker “AAA“. We’ve got the exclusive stream of his upcoming 10 track album Fruit right here.

The first track is the title track, hitting with 80’s inspired synth with some interesting woodwind layered over it. The album flows through upbeat, pop sounds, mellifluous lobby/elevator music sounds, and slow, experimental percussion tracks. Largely a dance album, songs of note include “Current”, “Light”, and “Mobile”, although each song has a one word title and brings something completely unique to the table. It’s been described as “dreamy video game music” and, to a certain extent, we can see every track being placed in a level of Super Mario Brothers.

We would even battle Bowser to these songs, and that’s saying something.

As stated previously, Chris von Szombathy is also a very talented visual artist. He has taken the second track off of Fruit – titled “Wax” – and made a video to go along with it. Enjoy.

AAA – Wax from Chris von Szombathy on Vimeo.

Fruit is out on August 30th via Elestial Sound. It is available for preorder now