Aaron Ross' warped western

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Aaron Ross

Little is known of Nevada City singer-songwriter Aaron Ross, but this unfamiliarity adds the mistique of his sixth solo record entitled Autopilot. With his first record dating back to 2003' The Hallelujah Side, it is clear Ross is no newbie to the recorded song, but that glaring truth also lies in the rich textures of Autopilot. Ross is bugged out in a backwoods manner, but not quite as weirdo as Pregnant, who's on the other side of the Seirra foothills. Ross' weirdness is more straight foward, as his raspy voice requires little tweeking.

Ross is doing what he calls a necessary “small degree of promo” for Autopilot, but has no label or expected physical release date, which means if you own a label and are digging this, it can be yours for the pressing.

Autopilot is available at a “name your price” cost here.