Adrian + Meredith, “Take A Boat”

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Married gypsy folk/punk duo Adrian + Meredith (Krygowski) – and fellow band members Paul Niehaus, Ken Perkerwicz, John Wood, Diego Vasquez, Paul Thacker, Anders Fahey and Jason Mendelson – admittedly hasn’t been working together for very long, but has been transforming the music scene in their native Nashville since putting their creative powers together for the first time in 2014. Their latest work, an album titled More Than A Little, is set to release in November. We’ve got the debut of their new track “Take A Boat” right here.

“Everyone in Nashville has been writing songs about trains, explained Adrian. “Nashville doesn’t even have a train station.  Our backwards sense of history can sometimes tell us to ‘Take A Boat, it’s the new train’, as if what’s been around us the whole time, is brand-new and ironic.  One too many co-write and pass-the-guitar sessions in Nashville later, it became obvious that ‘train songs’ have been overdone, possibly several decades ago.”

We couldn’t agree more. And when we heard the initial notes to the track, we were floored. “The bouncy rhythm that came first felt more like riding a wave, more than a dance beat,” Adrian expanded. “When we were in the studio, however, our Nashville-based band ate up the ‘new’ rhythm so strongly that it had to become track 1.” And we agree. It’s got an old west-meets-folk, Gogol Bordello vibe with a devil-may-care attitude. The extensive narrative is wound through the instrumentals with an intricacy that is enthralling, the vocals hitting in an almost sinister way. We feel torn between letting this song transport us to a time long ago and allowing it to flood the present.


More Than A Little is out November 3rd. Keep up with the band here.