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When Adventure first graced these hallowed pages, it was in a super hero costume (well, spandex body suit) dating back to some distant era when we made frequent trips to Baltimore for things like Whartscape or plain bored vibrations on a random Tuesday. By Lesser Known, he'd shed the disguise, signed to Carpark and was doing tours with Toro Y Moi and as part of the Dan Deacon Ensemble. They grow up so fast. One minute they are running around your living room in a cape, the next touring with the Chaz. Unless, we are mistaken and there was some other Baltimore act named Adventures – you know, plural. Who the hell knows. Wham City was an acid freak out of sweat, nudity, tiger costumes, and neon. There's a good case we hallucinated this backstory.

Benny Boeldt described his upcoming record, Weird Work, as a release in which he came to terms with himself and his limitations. We think the title is apropos. For his contribution to our Friday Night mix series, Boeldt took the prompt behind his third album a step further, lending insight to the musicians who's shaped his music and his casual listening sessions. When we listen to his mix though, we want to go out into the world with headphones on, tuning out the outlying noise, and treat our every step like a Mega Man level.

“This mix is comprised of songs that have influenced me, and have helped me evolve within my own stylistic constraints. Basically these are a handfull of favorites that have made a big impact on me as an artist and listener.”

Adventure, “Friday Night mix”

Weird Work is out April 30 on Carpark.

Adventure's Friday Night track listing:
01 Droid – Automat
02 fIvE – B.O.R.G.
03 Sidney's Sizzler – Ceephax Acid Crew
04 Turbo Samba – Gordon Strombola
05 Berlin Sunrise (Die Nacht) – Daniel Wang
06 Impact (USA Version) – Orbital
07 Esty Point, Summer 1978 (1981) – David Borden
08 Les eaux de la grace (performed by Jon Gillock) – Olivier Messiaen