Al Lover samples SF's psych-finest for crew

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Fist Family

Bay Area hip hop could stand for a new movement. I know what you're thinking, “But dude, the based god,” which is all well and good. I am still holding out for the new style that doesn't require me to cash in all my irony chips to enjoy it.

Al Lover has been a source of awesomeness ever since he graced our radar. Far from sick of writing about his work, he recently disclosed that he's down with a crew. Originally from Asheville, North Carolina, Fist Family moved to SF five years ago – because family stick together. With no regrets over the move, Al Lover felt it necessary to show just how much he loves the new habitat by sampling two of its premiere pysche-outfits.

“All Mine” samples Ty Segall's “Alone” off his stellar Melted LP out earlier this year, while “Part Of The Game” samples Thee Oh Sees' “Flash Bats” from Warm Slime. Both bands granted Al permission to sample their work. The free downloads are in promotion of Fist Family's upcoming record Posted, due out in December.

Fist Family's Gus Cutty works the angles on both tracks, adapting to Al's clever chops. Cutty sings the blues on “All Mine” without playing too close to the original's sentiments. When Cutty hears these woeful licks, he ruminates on how his lost lady love has him drinking all the blues… scratch that, I think it's booze.

Be sure to pay close attention to Fist Family's Bandcamp. Every two weeks they'll drop a new single leading up to the release of Posted.

Fist Family, “Part Of The Game”

Fist Family, “All Mine”