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alexander spit

Listening to Saafir's Boxcar Sessions, I started thinking
about the lack of non-Hiero, non-hyphy related hip hop I've dug from the
Bay Area since my move west. So lets talk about Alexander Spit.

Spit is blowing up summer early with a freestyle over Fly Lo's “Tea
Leaf Dancers” and his Beat For The Street Remixes download. Spit actively
promotes himself as a purebred San Francisco bohemian, which is an
unsettling quality, but the persona does not outwork the sound. Spits
music is blown out in pop-driven laser-synths over a heavy knock that
rattles the bass in your trunk. Speaking of base, it comes as no
surprise that Alexander Spit is strong supporter of the fast life. On
“No Baking Soda Allowed” Spit declares his love for the pure cut
emphasizing the message with a deliberate video.

I've yet to
decide whether I dig Alexander Spit's style or if I find it exhaustively
trendy and faux-rebellious. Is that really all it takes these days – a
vintage t-shirt, Wayfarers and a nose powder fetish? Until I reach a final
verdict, I'm seeking out Boxcar Sessions on the ole iPod.

Alexander Spit's Beat For The Street Remixes here.

Spit, “Tea Leaf Dancers Freestyle”

Alexander Spit, “Beat For The Street” (Taylor P Remix)