Mixtape #3!

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It's been hot, it's been sweaty, every band in the world is on tour, and I just got air conditioning for the first time in my adult life (so not punk).

I guess that means it's summer, the best time ever to be young and free in New York City.

Time to go to Rockaway Beach to look at the surfers and/or Coney Island to eat some Nathan's and pretend you're in some Neil Simon play.

Most importantly, it's time to party party party party party! Well, that's the theme of this week's mix at least.

Please enjoy this mix responsibly!

Pop Jew Mixtape #3: PARTY
01 Ignition [Remix] – R. Kelly
02 Wiggle it Around – Brian's Dirty Business
03 We Wanna Get Some Real Fun – Mono Taxi
04 The Party's Crashing Us – Of Montreal
05 Me and the Boys – NRBQ
06 Can't Say No – Thomas Function
07 Do The Mental Twist – Myelin Sheaths
08 I Just Wanna Have Sex With You – ASOB
09 Nobody Wants To Party With Me – Natural Child
10 Blackout Summer – Christmas Island
11 No Seasons – Jacuzzi Boys
12 Ballad of the Red Dog – The Moby Dicks
13 Reading and Writing About Partying – The Intelligence
14 Wild Weekend – German Measles
15 Looking For Some Action – Bare Wires
16 I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles
17 The Kids Just Wanna Dance – Fast Cars
18 The Rest of My Days – Gentleman Jesse and His Men
19 Fuck Art Let's Dance – Name

Download it here.