An Azizi Gibson/Flying Lotus record must happen

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Azizi Gibson

Azizi Gibson has been following FlyLo on tour, bigging up the Brainfeeder label head in his free time on Twitter and Instagram, and spinning Until The Quiet Comes like it's not just his favorite record because his boss made it. We think he deserves a proper full length by now. So as we look to the future we can say with the utmost certainty that an Azizi Gibson record produced entirely by Flying Lotus should happen if there is any justice in this expansive mess of a universe.

He dropped another collaboration with Flying Lotus over the weekend entitled “Emperor's New Groove”. While Azizi's collaborative concept record with Jeremiah Jae, Ignorant Prayers, was a madball introduction to the latest signee to Brainfeeder, his work with Flying Lotus since tones down the madness for an opportunity to meet Azizi the human being. On “Emperor's New Groove” Azizi reflects on those halcyon days leading up to where he's at now, smoking trees overseas. He's got a long list of shoutouts to folks he's met along the way and a few choice words for his neighbors, but mostly he's here to show love with the parting words of “I'm rollin' up for you”.

Azizi Gibson, “Emperor's New Groove”