Ana Threat, Dropout Dumpling

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ana threat

Imagine there was a movie called Dropout Dumpling. Okay, are you with me? Vienna based musician Ana Threat proposes that this could be a reality through only a few instruments, some garagey drum beating, and a bit of offkilter experimentation. On a short EP released through Totally Wired Records, who are pals of ours, Ana Threat gives us some movie clips and a cinematic arc over four tracks that feels organic, like an improvised movie with a fluid—yet dramatic—plot. You can imagine a scene unraveling that eventually devolves into mayhem toward the EP's close, on a track that utilizes unfamiliar rhythms to heighten tragedy. Just like in the flicks.

A really interesting listen from a Vienna art staple. Stream the full thing below, then head to Totally Wired Records for a double 7″ hardcopy. Now who is going to make the actual movie?