Apache Dropout compile first cassettes

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Apache Dropout

After spending much time on the road since the release of their debut LP more than two years ago, Bloomington, Indiana’s Apache Dropout takes a step back to (re)introduce you to their hazy beginnings. The band’s latest effort, Magnetic Heads is a collection of two former cassette releases, Cha Cha Cha, released in 2008 and Lysergic Caveman Choogle in 2009.

While Apache Dropout may have become known for their howling, noisy brand of soul-infused punk, things weren’t always that way. The song “Don’t Trust Banks” is perhaps a bit more mellow and drawn out than anything you might remember from either the Apache Dropout LPor Bubblegum Graveyard LP’s, as singer Sonny Alexander moans out his wary ballad over fuzzy guitar tracks backed by a soothing drone of echoing fiddle.

Magnetic Heads is slated to hit stores on February 5 with Family Vineyard Records releasing both a vinyl and digital version of the record.