Approved Theft: Illogic, “Diabolical Fun Remix” (Feat. Aesop Rock, Slug and Zero Star)

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If a free EP and new album on Weightless Recordings didn't get your attention, maybe a remix with Slug and Aesop Rock will?

Methodical is how I would describe Illogic's return to music. Late 2008 he approved the theft of his One Bar Left EP, introducing us to his new producer buddy Ill Poetic. He warned us that Diabolical Fun was coming and if you let it pass you by, well he's got a star-studded banger of a remix with Slug, Aesop Rock and fellow Weightless camper Zerostar.

Illogic, “Diabolical Fun Remix” feat. Slug, Aesop Rock and Zerostar

Diabolical Fun is out now on Weightless Recordings.