Ava Vegas – Desert Songs

Berlin-based singer unleashes spellbinding mix of cinematic folk & indie pop

Ava Vegas, an artist and producer based in Berlin, captivates listeners with her album Desert Songs, which features a spellbinding mix of cinematic folk and indie pop. The album includes 12 tracks, with additional production from Rob Kleiner (known for his work on HBO’s Euphoria OST and The Weeknd). From acoustic tracks like “Highway 23” and “Club 23” (acoustic version), to dreamy electronic tracks like “Swimming Pool” and Latin-inspired rhythms in “Club 23,” Ava showcases her versatility as an artist. Her haunting yet powerful vocals throughout the album convey a sense of dark longing and otherworldly presence, highlighting her exceptional talent.

Ava Vegas, also known as the femme fatale of glamorous melancholia, is a master of creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. She blends Americana-style nylon guitars with electronic elements and a touch of Gothic ennui to craft a neo-psychedelic, darkly romantic ambiance. Her enchanting vocals, ethereal tones, and angelic presence transport us to a world of Twin Peaks nostalgia and melancholy disco. With the fusion of tribal toms and jazz brushes alongside dreamy electronic soundscapes, Ava creates an exceptionally compelling and unforgettable listening experience.

“Whenever I write a new song, I first see the world it’s taking place in,” she shared. “Suddenly I am in a room or a landscape; I feel the light and temperature on my skin, I take in all the sensations and smells of the place, and I know what relationship, feeling, or situation in my life this place stands for and how to rebuild it in lyrics and melodies. That’s how I craft a song.”

You can give Desert Songs a spin below: