Ava Vegas – “Saddest Disco Girl”

The indie pop musician teams up with French Horn Rebellion on summery new single

Returning with her latest single “Saddest Disco Girl,” Ava Vegas continues in her flow of exquisite songwriting. The production by French Horn Rebellion, known for their work with artists like Blu DeTiger and Sofi Tukker, ensures a rich, layered sound that immediately draws listeners to the dance floor.

Ava Vegas’ ethereal vocals, softly delivered yet emotionally potent, narrate a tale of love and longing with a wistful charm. The song’s summery indie-pop vibe is infused with subtle folk elements, while eerie, atmospheric touches add a melancholic undercurrent, perfectly mirroring the bittersweet theme. The juxtaposition of upbeat instrumentation with reflective lyrics creates a unique tension, making “Saddest Disco Girl” a standout track that resonates on multiple levels.

This single marks a significant point in Ava Vegas’ career, following her acclaimed 2023 album “Desert Songs.” It showcases her continued evolution as an artist willing to push musical boundaries. The collaboration with French Horn Rebellion highlights their combined prowess, resulting in a track that’s both sonically innovative and emotionally compelling.

She shared: “I’d never admit this to myself or anyone else–but I’ve probably been to many parties secretly hoping to see a certain someone there. It just makes life a little bit more exciting to sprinkle some romantic fantasy and playful drama into it, and we ran with that idea to an extreme in “Saddest Disco Girl.” Robert (French Horn Rebellion) and I were laughing a lot when writing this warm, poppy, dancey song and the lyrics just poured out of me. I wrote them with a wink, but also caught myself revealing a little bit more about myself than I would like to.“

Give the track a spin below: