B. Lewis, “An Hour In San Jose” mix

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B. Lewis

San Jose's B. Lewis gained notoriety in what felt like the death rattle of the beat tape era among blogs. His 2011 digital release Science Within Reason was 30 songs of space age suites fit for lounges on the moon and lowrider spaceships. The rising of B. Lewis has included sets at Low End Theory SF, lofty self-releases that push the form, a collaborative r&b project with Swoonz entitled Pulse, and production on the upcoming Grieves record on Rhymesayers.

While the influence of LA beat makers is oft cited in zeroing in on B. Lewis' sound, it seems the overlooked touchtone is r&b from the early Aughts. If his affinity for the stylings of Jagged Edge and Teddy Riley production never ocurred to your ears while listening to Science WIthin Reason, perhaps his 60 minute mix for our Friday Night series will illuminate. His mix refits 90s and Aughts r&b into attire fit for the future, applying his signature synth chords to the texture, and speeding up the vocals to keep the energy at a healthy pace. One thing is certain, B. Lewis does not let off the gas when it comes to deejaying your party. Monitor your pulse while interacting with this one.