B. Lewis, A Lion's Aperture

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B. Lewis

On A Lion's Aperture Bay Area producer B. Lewis is in casio-jam mode, as his vintage synths send our radio R&B playlists into higher plateaus of bliss. On “Time Travel” he loops Frank Ocean's disbelief in worm holes for the purpose of explaining his own beliefs in the dark science of time travel. There are moments in which Lewis builds upon his Science Within Reason record, as an aesthetic and as a tool for explaining his station. B.Lewis' music is a means of communication. Within his records there's coded messages for interpretation. He's not just looping “I don't believe in time travel” for the hell of it and to capitalize on Ocean's celebrity.

B. Lewis' production seeks the soul in technology, as his pitch-shifted vocalists are painfully aware of their synthetic plight. On Science Within Reason, B. Lewis sought the connection between our advanced beat sciences and the organic elements of music, but on A Lion's Aperture, he's working harder to prove there's still soul to be discovered within the esoteric lights and push-button music of machines.

Download A Lion's Aperture for $5 at B. Lewis' Bandcamp.