Balam Acab drops a spooky one

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With the demand that his full-length debut WANDER/WONDER be listened to loudly, Balam Acab presents his newest haunt “Oh, Why“, due out August 29 on TriAngle Records. Opening track “Welcome” hints towards what is to come as a new decade unfolds for the recently-turned-20-year-old composer.

Considering previous release See Birds EP, “Oh Why” takes a new approach to dwelling on the past. With the familiar turned-down BPM, gender-undefinable vocals, and rhythmic pumping of the underlying drum track, “Oh, Why” laments and questions without sounding ungracefully repetitive. The opening drawl sounds both like the slowed-down version of a child's music box or scratched records reliving repressed memories and hints of the composer's consciousness of history. WANDER/WONDER is set to follow this fluid pattern, as he likens the album to “a Bach cello suite.”

Balam Acab, “Oh Why”

WANDER/WONDER track list:
01 Welcome
02 Apart
03 Motion
04 Expect
05 Now Time
06 Oh, Why
07 Await
08 Fragile Hope