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Baltimore Tape Club

Welcome to Baltimore Tape Club, a new series that dives into cassettes dubbed within Baltimore, Maryland. In the coming weeks we’ll share some charming new sounds from Zomes, Rod Hamilton, Beyond Say, Weekends, Daniel Higgs, Will Redman, Vlonde, Holy Ghost Party, Raindeer, Wing Dam and many more. In this volume we’ll take a listen to tapes from Zachary Utz, Other Colors, Smoke Bellow and Horse Lords.

Zachary Utz, Classic Rock

Zachary Utz is responsible for the guitar wizardry powering Dope Body, and one who's calculated onslaught certainly deserves a vacation from time to time. Classic Rock is a new cassette from Utz, a release that transcends modular tones to the wide open spaces of the cosmos, preferably a beach. Sit back and relax during this odyssey, and do check in with Player Press for a chance at gripping one of the tapes.

Other Colors, Free Thoughts

Will Ryerson has been making space jams under the Other Colors moniker for a few years now in town, an endeavor that curves and croons its way through psych-tinged melodies with hazy ease. Free Thoughts is the newest album from Other Colors, a beautiful trek through Ryerson’s insightfully brilliant songwriting recorded by Dan Frome. Grab a copy now from Ryerson’s label, Gen Pop.

Smoke Bellow, Old Haunts

Smoke Bellow is a Baltimore by way of Australia trio that consists of Meredith McHugh, Alex Haworth and Christian J. Best. This is new age psychedelia at its damn near finest. Heavy but transcendent voyages guided by free form melodies that intertwine and billow, but still manage to keep some grit around the edges. This slice of sonic bliss is available from the band here.

Horse Lords, Mixtape Volume II

Last year Andrew Bernstein, Max Eilbacher, Owen Gardner and Sam Haberman introduced their debut long player on Ehse Records, one of the best aural mindfuck’s to come out of 2013. Horse Lords’ Mixtape Volume 2, the second installment in the band’s tape series, is a c30 that collages a breadth of sounds with the ensemble’s signature expansive polyrhythmic-kraut journeys. Grab the tape from Horse Lords here.