Beaunoise remixes The Cyclist

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Before Stones Throw and Leaving Records were pressing The Cyclist vinyls and calling it a “debut record”, the West Virginia-based label Crash Symbols was in the know. In 2011, The Cyclist released Bending Brass on Crash Symbols, a 10-track cassette currently sold out. Forever ahead, the label has moved on to remixing The Cyclist with Beaunoise's take on “Technicolor!” from the cassette.

The Cyclist original opens the cassette with “Technicolor!” in a low end overload aching to escape the constraints of the 7.62 cm x 10.16cm cartridge. In time, The Cyclist layers samples and synths atop the rumble to reveal a damaged, and distinctively lo-fi house jam. The Beaunoise remix chops those samples into an angular rhythm, progressing The Cyclist from early house revisionist to an Ed Banger signee of the French machinist ilk. Staring to understand why the cassette includes a list of potential side effects like “excitability may occur, especially in children”. Prescribe Beanunoise remixes as reccommended.

Beaunoise's Remixes is out now on Crash Symbol.