Beautiful Lou, “Long Pinky” (feat. Action Bronson & Riff Raff)

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Adult Swim Singles Series

Summer is over. Leaves are starting to brown on the branch and collect along the gutters.The whites have been retired. Most importantly, The last track in the Adult Swim Singles Series is streaming through the weekend.

“Long Pinky” sounds like Beautiful Lou produced it with an elegy to changing seasons in mind. His trademark haze cakes to the weeping guitars creating a slow motion effect, or as Riff Raff states “moving like molasses”. Last year's “Bird On A Wire” sparked the chemistry between Riff Raff and Action Bronson to a Harry Fraud soundtrack. Adding Beautiful Lou to the production credits is only wetting the appetite for at leas an EP from the dynamic duo.

Download “Long Pinky” at Adult Swim on Monday.