Bells & Robes, “Latchkey” (Mark Maxwell Remix)

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Following Atlanta-based duo Bells & Robes‘ immense success with their How Could We Have Known? EP, they’ve had a fun project up their sleeves. They’ve been assembling a follow-up remix EP, curated specifically by Luke Sipka and Dean Spaniol. The original recording of “Latchkey” features soulful, octave-defying vocals by Flat Land, the song vibey and chill in its composition. We’ve got the premiere of Mark Maxwell‘s remix for you, and you’re going to be equally as impressed.

Mark Maxwell

Take “Latchkey”, add a steady, light beat to intro it, and set those gorgeous vocals back over it all. It certainly carries over the chill vibes we experienced with the original track. There are elements of house music and EDM that make this song equally as easily placeable late night in a dark club in SoHo, and in a coffee shop setting as we envision the original might be played. Either way, we want to play this at our end of summer party. Because this is a party song, and that kind of party is a thing.