Best labels of 2011

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We like our labels two ways. Either they are run by a few people with strong tastes who use their personal savings accounts to create merch for bands as a way to make friends, or they are mid-sized sedans, comfortable selling a few extra units, with at least one employee who has a good eye for high-stakes bets. In any case, you won't find any of the mega-indies or godforbid a major on here. Homegrown is all we've known and we're sticking to it.

However, you will notice that we have a tie for first. We couldn't decide! Do we like the special curative vision of NNA Tapes better than how Thrill Jockey uses its money (probably not as much as you'd think) to help out people we always love? NO! We don't like either of those things more thant the other. It's a tie. That's it.