Bibio announces new album, offers first single

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Seasons change and move on, and the cruel breeze of Winter moves to the warmth of Spring. Many of us think of Summer as the essential month for getting work done and enjoying the pleasures of outside. Bibio, an artist who defies convention, decided to use the outdoors and changing of seasons, as inspiration for his new album. Here is a small excerpt of what Bibio had to say about his upcoming album:

If there was a preconceived idea before this album started coming together, it was a fairly vague one: to focus more on an organic and live sound and to record more guitar and other live instrumentation. However, I'm no purist, so I don't restrain myself from taking stylistic diversions, to do so might be to dispose of the unplanned. As a result this album feels to me as eclectic as my previous two albums. There is a certain 'let nature take its course' attitude with my approach to making an album, this is because I know discoveries can often be more rewarding than stringently directing even the grandest of ideas. After working long and hard on an album, however, I crave change… like you might crave spring after winter. I love seasonal change, it affects me a lot. I like the idea of comparing albums to seasons – they stand alone yet are part of a bigger story. They complement each other. So this album, to an extent, started out with the desire for a new 'season', contrasting somewhat with the previous.

Bibio is an artist whose music takes on many forms. The sounds can be electronic, guitar based, funky or soft yet there is always something beautiful to find in his music. Bibio is set to release his long awaited album, Silver Wilkinson, on May 14 through Warp Records. Portions of the album were created and derived in his garden and many of the tools you would think of using for a lawn, were used for the tracks. Another track on the album, “Dye The Water Green,” Bibio used rain water as source and inspiration for the sound and context of the song.

The first single, “À Tout À L'heure,” was one of the tracks done outside in his garden, is a soothing outdoor epic. The track shows his wide range of influence and would sound perfect for a walk through a park in the sunshine. The track is done with not only guitars and a MPC but Bibio also used garden shears and watering cans as percussion instruments. The track is inspired by the sun as well as the outdoors and is a perfect lead single for what sounds like an already amazing album.

01. The First Daffodils
02. Dye the Water Green
03. Wulf
04. Mirroring All
05. À tout à l'heure
06. Sycamore Silhouetting
07. You
08. Raincoat
09. Look at Orion!
10. Business Park
11. You Won't Remember…