billy woods, “Tinseltown” (prod. by Blockhead)

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billy woods

Last year billy woods' History Will Absolve Me elevated the underground head doctor into channels outside the underground rap network. If the comparisons to woods' History as an extension of the Funcrusher Plus and The Cold Vein sound rang out last year, it's only going to get louder on woods' collaborative follow-up with producer Blockhead.

Known for ushering in the new god flow of Aesop Rock, Blockhead mans the boards for woods' Dour Candy. “Tinseltown” is the first song the two made together, proving each contributor came to the project with agreeable mindsets. Blockhead's production harkens back to the claustrophobic cacophony of History and adds a dash of the fluidity associated with his instrumental solo records. The difference is Blockhead storms the track like breached flood gates with siren-like sounds that keep the listener on high alert.

Nothing's changed outside of woods' neighborhood window. He's still seeing the same gunplay from toy soldiers on the block that's whittled down his optimism to the time between his first sip of coffee to the last digit on his scratcher ticket. With Dour Candy not out until July, you've got just under a month to unravel all the intricacies of woods' words on “Tinseltown”.

Dour Candy is out July 2 on Backwoodz Studioz.