Bisco Smith remixed by Scott Thorough

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scott thorough

When Bisco Smith got his old friend Scott Thorough on the Gotham land line to do a remix, one parameter of the agreement was understood: a thorough investigation of lower ends was in order.

Scott Thorough might not be an instantly recognizable name, but with some minor digging around the Internet one learns he's produced for Junk Science, both for the group and individual solo projects, and that he's remixed Cool Calm Pete and Aesop Rock. Collaborations of such magnitude are not awarded to Definitive Jux contest winners. Scott Thorough and his Nuclear Family crew are legit. With the collapse of the DJ label, the Brooklyn indie underworld could see a changing of the guards led by talented individuals that used to operate below Def Jux's monolithic shadow.

All theories aside, Thorough's “Vibrations” remix wobbles in a dangerous low end garble that will destroy the axis on your hooptie. The head nod mechanics of Thorough's production could case strains to those who don't properly stretch before consuming.

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Bisco Smith, “Vibrations” (Scott Thorough Remix)