Valentine's edition

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Fresh Daily asked a couple new friends to contribute songs to wage war on the most dreaded day in February.

Speak contributed a dedication song to Jen Ballera, who turns out did some album and flyer artwork for Speak. We don't know if she's heard this song yet, or if that love is still strong, but Speak is an open book of adoration for Ms. Ballera. “Jen Ballera, I Love You (Since I Was 19)” is a b-side to Speak's upcoming Beautiful Sounds for Interesting People with Fantastic Taste release – um, candidate for album title of the year?

Speak, “Jen Ballera, I Love You (Since I Was 19)

Intuition gave us “Lonely,” a dedication to his “fall back crutch” of his Girls Like Me record. For all the single ladies and fellas that keep a closer in the bullpen, Intuition understands your reasoning and he's got a theme song for your Valentine's Day as it nears 2 a.m. Romance is overrated, be about what you truly are looking for, turning those sheets into a Jackson Pollock mural. Skeet! Skeet!

Intuition, “Lonely”

If you're thinking Barry White or Al Green is laying the romantic angle on too thick with suggestion, give this Dam Funk acoustic performance of “I Wanna Thank U 4 Stepping Into My Life” a shot: