Will Black Milk's record survive the hype?

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Is Black Milk on a Kanye-size ego trip in naming his sophomore record Album Of The Year? Possibly. I can't decide if I'm itching to see him do it, or too snarky to ever give it a chance.

This week the tracklist to Album Of The Year was posted on every hip hop website and blog and now its made its way here. I've been studying its potential for a couple days; relieved its only 12 songs deep, but trying to determine if it's possible for the best album of 2010 to have a guest appearance by Royce the 5'9″. The song “Black and Brown,” which features Danny Brown has me juiced with anticipation, but this comes from the guy who had 500 words to say on The Hybrid. The saving grace of a Royce appearance on “Deadly Medley” (which is a tired song title – what is this a trimmed down posse cut from a Canibus album?) is the presence of Elzhi – who's my second favorite Detroit rapper.

I still reserve full judgment of Black Milk's decision until I hear Album Of The Year in full, but the leaked tracklist is putting some serious doubt in my heart. I mean, are we really that impressed with “Keep Going” or does it just sound like The Tronic 2? Naming a song “Gospel Psychedelic Rock” puts some promise back into my thoughts, but will it be enough?

Album Of The Year is out July 27.

Album Of The Year tracklist:

01. 365
02. Welcome (Gotta Go)
03. Keep Going
04. Oh Girl (feat. AB)
05. Deadly Medley (feat.
Royce Da 5’9″ and Elzhi
06. Distortion (feat. Melanie Rutherford)
07. Over Again (feat. Monica Blaire)
08. Black and Brown (feat. Danny
09. Round of Applause
10. Warning (Keep Bouncing)
Gospel Psychedelic Rock
12. Closed Chapter (feat. Mr. Porter)

Black Milk, “Keep Goin”