Starring, “July”

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starring wife of god

Starring are a group of talented musicians who also can be found in Talibam!, Skeletons, Pterodactyl. In the past, we've referred to them as innovators of some niche kind of prog music.

We'll stick to that prognosis, but for “July”, a track off their upcoming album, Wife of God, out June 8 on Death by Audio Records, we're looking at some distinctly metal shredding and an unrelenting rhythmic assaults that make for a kind of joyful cacophony of 70s heavy rock and general unhinged riff splendor.

Starring, “July”

It's kind of hard to say much of anything about the band after you've just finished reading the words of one Bruno Wizard, frontman of the Homosexuals, after just hearing Starring for the first time:

“Thank you sooo much for bringing such uplifting and beautiful sounds into our shared universe. Sorry it has taken so long to add you, but my intuition told me to listen to your music before adding you. Thank fuck I did… my molecules are still jumping and tingling as I write. One of your reviewers likens you to early King Crimson.. well chaps I have news for you. I am a child of the sixties and I saw King Crimson live.. completely unannounced in a back field at Goldsmiths Art College, South London in 1969. As wonderful as it was I don't remember them evoking the same response in my synapses as you just did. As I listened to Wife Of God, I was beaming and then I thought, well every body has the potential to have ONE good track right??? So I was a little wary about listening to the other two, just in case. But no, my intuition was spot on… It just got better. Hopefully one day we will get to play together in New York/London whatever. … This is what I love about the internet.. one moment you are salmon fishing on Alpha Centaurus, the next “biff” “kapow” you are chewing colours and inhaling symphonies… Symphonic Thais indeed. What I would give to be able to jam with you right now, that is presuming that you would have me!!! There are things we know, there are things we don't know.. in between there are the doors of our own perception.. beyond that lies The Unknowable… oooh to chew psychedelic bees and birds. Blessings.”

The band is about to embark on a summer tour.

Starring Summer Tour Dates
Jun 10 Death By Audio (Record release) w/ Skeletons, Grooms, DJ 1000TimesYes, Unstoppable Death Machines, Brooklyn, NY
Jun 11 Reserve Phonique w/ Long Long Long, Special Noise, Marathon Montreal, QC
Jun 12 Labyrinth Press Company Jamestown, NY, US
Jun 13 The Whistler w/ TBA Chicago, IL
Jun 14 Cole's w/ Paper Mice, Glass Bricks, Bad Drugs Chicago, IL
Jun 15 The Frequency w/ Icarus Himself Madison, WI, US
Jun 16 Lemp Arts Center w/ Exercise St. Louis, MO
Jun 17 Betty's Grill Nashville, TN
Jun 18 Low Key Arts w/ Cold Mold + Bastard Nois Hot Springs, AR
Jun 19 Beerland w/ When Dinos Ruled the Earth, Cold Mold Austin, TX
Jun 20 Lounge on Elm Dallas, TX
Jun 21 Circle Bar New Orleans, LA
Jun 22 Egan's Bar Tuscaloosa, AL
Jun 23 Discoteca with Night of the Wolf Chattanooga, Tennessee
Jun 24 Static Age w/ Soft Opening Asheville, NC
Jun 25 Blue Nile with The Cinnamon Band Harrisburg, VA

Jun 27 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY
Jul 5 Bruar Falls w/ Paper Mice (Chicago, IL) Brooklyn, New York