Black Milk, EP of the Year

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A special cheers to the fan that gathered up these gems that were left off of Album Of The Year.

In our Black Milk interview he admitted that he was unaware that the Lee Fields sample he flipped for “Don Cornelius” was only a few years old, which is an easy mistake to make considering the vintage sound of that record. The sample Milk used was “Love Comes & Goes”. Unfortunately this cutting-room floor version does not feature the verse that Danny Brown recorded.

The six-song collection only features one complete track, the post-album recorded “How Dare You,” making it a shame that Black Milk did not see them to finish. Listening to the songs, it's clear that they would not have fit the concept and gave AOTY a dragging feeling, but I can't help but want a fully-realized version of “Mo Power” just for the hell of it.

Download the EP here.

Black Milk, “Don Cornelius”