Black Zone Myth Chant, Straight Cassette

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French experimentalist High Wolf may be known by many aliases, but his latest offering is a vinyl reissue of the self-proclaimed Straight Cassette tape. Originally distributed by his own Winged Sun imprint, it’s now getting a limited re-press via Laitdbac Records scheduled for late September.

Experiencing its second coming with his New Age-leaning Black Zone Myth Chant project, there’s something very mystical, almost shamanic, about the entire album. Centering around deep, hypnotic chants and burbling, space age electronics against a set of tape loops gone askew, it’s an off-kilter experience that’ll leave you slightly jilted and maybe even a tad off-put.

Oddly aggressive and almost like hip-hop gone awry, Straight Cassette feels like it can predict the future; menacing in its dystopian leanings and slightly terrifying in its implications.