Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa, “She He See Feel”

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colorful drawings, white illustration collage

“She He See Feel”, the latest collaboration between Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa, is a mouthful. The title alone is something to chew on. The melody, though, is bursting with energy, jolting your senses like a packet of Pop Rocks.  Unlike the explosive candy, this first taste of the duo’s upcoming second album, Savage Imagination, doesn’t come crashing down after it’s initial jolt. Instead Dustin’s signature pedal madness keeps bouncing off the walls like an angular top spinning on it’s axis as it move forward in a linear progression.

It feels like the steady melody keeps tessellating, like a kaleidoscope of music notes, pumping you full of adrenaline at the same time Takako’s gumdrop vocals keep your sugar intake at a steady dose. Around the three-minute mark, vibrating keyboard comes in to realign the trajectory of this bubbly track, setting up a powerful surge of guitar that brings the high-wired melody back to earth before it flying away into the atmosphere.

Stream the track below. Savage Imagination comes out September 23rd on Thrill Jockey.