BL§§D ØU† gets screwed, and not in the ironic way

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Free Blissed Out

Last week, BL§§D ØU†'s Alex Winter (no relation to Edgar and Johnny), informed us of the unfortunate news that their European label AMDISCS has been selling his most recent effort, Empire State, for the past three months. This is unfortunate because they never actually pressed the record.

According to Alex, after not receiving his copies of the record since its “release” (but receiving plenty of e-mails from fans who bought a copy that never showed), he repeatedly inquired about the status, only to find out the LP was never pressed. To make matters worse, AMDISCS was selling Empire State digitally. Not too surprisingly, Alex was devastated:

Much of the past 12 months had been dedicated to developing the songs
featured on this vinyl and then promoting it. Blissed Out is a pretty
DIY project. I do all the PR, booking, art direction, recording, mixing,

Apparently AMDSICS and Blissed Out did have a contract, so there may be some resolution to this conundrum down the road, whether legal or otherwise, but one man's loss is another's gain. Alex has decided to give away Empire State as a free digital download because waiting for another label would take at least two-three months, and, as he puts it, “I'm
not interested in waiting that long. New material is already on its way.”

So while you wait for the new material, download Empire State in it's entirety below, and for the record, yes, we really did press the Second Plane cassette.

BL§§D ØU†, Empire State