Bottoms, “My Body”

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three men women in black

A raucous, pulsing electro track spawned from “two shitty drag queens, a 303 and a drummer”, the new song from Bottoms bounces club beats over breathy, tuned-up vocals proclaiming the discontent within one’s born vessel. Michael Prommasit and Simon Leahy (co-founder of Bushwick drag scene’s annual fête, Bushwig) joined forces with performance artist Jake Dibeler for the “gender-problematizing goth dance” music project.

A crescendo builds over the call to, “Clap your hands if you hate your body” that gives way to an echoey chorus of moans that rolls into percolated beats that feel as shiny as they do grainy. Like fingers wrapped in tinsel lightly scratching a chalkboard, but only slightly. The vibe merges the grotesque costuming of Club Kid-era with the poppy synth noise of early-aughts queer-friendly electronica, making Bottoms a perfect fit as the newest artists on JD Samson‘s new label Atlas Chair Records.

Stream “My Body” below. Bottoms’ EP Goodbye comes out January 20, 2015.