Bruiser Brigade EP

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Bruiser Brigade EP

Even though it's tastefully done, Scion A/V gets the gasface for editing the Bruiser Brigade EP. Danny Brown and his Detroit brethren are hedonistic menaces – end of story. Scion A/V thinks the Bruiser Brigade is totally awesome, and they are correct, but has concerns with how the Nielsens will feel about the Brigade. Mom and Dad will let little Jimmy throw his bows around the living room, while he raps along to “Errthang” as long as Danny Brown says she's a nasty dirty [expletive] who let's him put it in her [expletive]*. See Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen haven't had the talk with Little Jimmy yet, and they'd rather the prompt not come from him hearing Danny Brown's pill-and-cocaine-fueled sodomy exploits. They'd rather him ask after seeing two butterflies stacked on top of one another during a family picnic at the park.

Can the adults who can handle blunt-smoking, mosh pit-starting, pro-sodomy rap songs, in which this music is clearly intended for, get a uncensored link to this excellent EP? We're willing to go under oath of being 18 years of age. We just want to play the Ryan Hemsworth remix of “Errthang” without feeling like we're 15-years old in our parent's basement with or hand on the volume controls, one ear to the speaker and the other ear monitoring the footsteps upstairs.

*According to the censors at Scion A/V “booty” is a curse word

Wonder if Scion A/V will cut the mics during the curse words tonight at the 21 and over Bruiser Brigade, Flatbush Zombies, and Kitty Pryde show in Brooklyn? RSVP if you wipe your own ass.