Busdriver, “Colonize the Moon” (ft. Pegasus Warning)

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Busdriver‘s trading up for a rocketship for his latest single “Colonize the Moon”, featuring Pegasus Warning, which is out this September via Big Dada.

Starting off in a delirious set of spins that gradually melt into a series of clicks and clacks, Busdriver’s signature mile-a-minute delivery catches you completely off-guard. And as you struggle to reorient, you’re only accosted by more space-hurdling, swirling sentiments that make it difficult to catch up. Wonderfully weird and scattered-brained, it’s just another strangely addictive addition to the Busdriverse.

Because as part wordsmith-part whirlwind, his verses twist and turn around his narrative about lunar living and are sure to keep you on your toes. Truly driving through multiple dimensions of space n’ bass.

Busdriver’s Perfect Hair is out September 8 on Big Dada/Hellfyre Club.