Steve Jr, “Cool”

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There must be something about those long Canadian winters, because recently every time someone around me has been raving about their favorite new band, it has been a group from our northern neighbors. If you’ve been having a similar experience, then you should check out Steve Jr, the project of guitarist Corbin Ordel and drummer Gleb Wilson (of Amen Dunes). The duo’s debut self-titled EP was mixed by Alex Calder and mastered by Andy White of Tonstartssbandht. Steve Jr—the EP—is four tracks of brooding sludge that slowly crushes you with heavy haze-inducing hypnosis. If you need any convincing, let the 13-minute song “cabbage” take you on a journey. But in the meantime, check out the much shorter track “Cool”.

Steve Jr’s self-titled EP is out now on the newly-formed Water Records. Stream it on bandcamp.

Stream “Cool” below.