Caleb Stone of Professor Calculus drops a beat tape

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Caleb Stone Sleepy Bitches

If there's one thing promiscuous LA debutantes cannot stand it's disturbances that cut into their 1 p.m. beauty sleep. Should one of these little bit trashy, little bit classy flappers find haven in your den, it can translate to a significant amount of quiet/headphone time and way less morning math rock mind erasers. Caleb Stone, of Professor Calculus, dedicated an entire mix of original beats and remixes to the sleepy beauties that made it to his mattress.

Chilled on the icy vibes of pure LA beat, Sleepy Bitches chops and screws vocals, hums on the low ends, and sequesters itself in levels just peaking above downtempo. Sleepy Bitches goes out to those mornings of tip-toeing around the apartment, using soft brush strokes on the teeth, keeping a watchful eye on the kettle, and saving the harsh stuff until she wakes up or needs waking up.

Download Caleb Stone's Sleepy Bitches here.