Camp Counselors, Huntress

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Camp Counselors

As Cemeteries, Kyle Reigle's dark dream pop channeled the Lynchian chill of Julee Cruise and a hint of Chris Isaak. His home of Buffalo is known for a many things harsh, from hardcore to winters, but rarely does it delve into the EDM circuitry. In an effort to satisfy his love of John Carpenter scores, The Knife, Memory Tapes and the Italians Do It Better label, he crafted a side project called Camp Counselors.

The name on paper might sound kitschy, but reading the name alongside the album art immediately triggers visions of the variety of camp counselors that are slaughtered in horror films, rather than the ones that coax youths out of their shells with acoustic guitars around campfires. Reigle said the project began as a stress free escape, but after the passing of a friend, the lyrics shifted into a personal terrain that contrasted with the poppiness of the electronica. Huntress is written and recorded entirely by Reigle, with the help of Erin Fein of Psychic Twin on “Attean”.

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