Careful, “It's Funny”

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Eric Lindley, pka Careful, took the idea of bedroom recording a step further than most reclusive musicians. He recorded his Because I Am Always Talking album in the closet of his childhood bedroom in Orange County, CA. So, it should come as little surprise that the multi-instrumentalist did almost the entire record by himself. Ocassionally, he squeezed close friend and animator Miwa Matreyek in to sing harmony and Jay Garret to play vibraphone.

On “It's Funny”, Lindley is in a wasteland on the heels of an apocalyptic fall out, not alone. He and a lover are experiencing an emotional distance from the sort of baggage that even an apocalypse can't cure. It's funny how Lindley flips the coin on the expectations we place on how we'd react to being the last living couple on the planet. We assume the disaster would bring us together, but as Lindley's couple embrace in emotionally distant sex, he tries not to think about her dead father. “It's Funny” asks the question, what if the fallout meant you didn't survive with a totally hot and desirable stranger that looks like Rosario Dawson, but with the significant other you were planning to leave before the disaster struck? Funny, right?

Careful's Because I Am Always Talking is out August 21.